It’s a rainy weekend, or a sick day, or just a regular Wednesday night and you need a new binge-worthy show. Eagerly pulling up Netflix, you’re overwhelmed with the choices.  Where to begin?? Have no fear! Here is a list of the current top 5 most binge-able shows you can find there.

Russian Doll:  Meet Nadia, a chain-smoking software designer stuck in a time loop that one might quickly recognize from Groundhog Day.  If you think this type of storyline is all too familiar, the producers are way ahead of you. Russian Doll takes a tight grip and never lets go. It moves fast, making you feel like you’re experiencing the insanity in real-time with Nadia.

The Umbrella Academy:  This series is not an origin story. The members of The Umbrella Academy are all grown up now, after a childhood spent in the limelight. One day in 1989, 43 babies were born to mothers who were not pregnant the day before. Seven of them were purchased by an eccentric billionaire who then trained them to be superhero crime fighters, or maybe something more…

Sex Education:  Being a teenager is awkward and confusing. This series not only understands that but also embraces it. High school teenager, Otis starts an underground therapy clinic for his peers. Sex Education is very explicit. There are plenty of discussions about sex and anatomy, as well as full nudity. So what makes it worth watching? This show makes it extremely easy to feel emotionally invested in the lives of these kids who are all just trying to figure themselves out.

Bodyguard:  This new thriller series should come with a warning with its anxiety-inducing stretches. It follows the story of a metropolitan police officer, a war veteran who uses his special training while off-duty to help diffuse a potential terrorist attack in the first fifteen minutes of the series. What makes the series work- the situational ultra-tense moments and how well the main character sells himself as a badass who also has deep emotional connections and a compassionate heart.

The Haunting of Hill House: This spine tingling show focuses on the haunted lives of the Crain family. Episodes bounce back and forth between the summer that the Crain’s spent in the haunted mansion and the years of grief and family trauma they endured in the aftermath. It’s one of the most moving and honest portrayals of mortality and grief but it just might have you checking under your bed at night.

You are sure to find any one of these shows to be binge-worthy magic!