Make no mistake about it, a driving under the influence (DUI) charge is a very serious charge. There are many different penalties associated with DUI charges, some of which might have to do with your driving privileges and your driver’s license. So can you actually get your license taken away for a DUI? Let’s look into some of the different factors when it comes to DUI charges and when your license might be in jeopardy.

You absolutely can lose your license for a DUI but it is not a cut and dry situation. There are many different factors at play when it comes to decide on license suspension or revocation. Let’s look at some of the different factors that play into your DUI charge and driving privileges according to Mitch Drantch.

Where you received the DUI. Different towns, cities, and municipalities can make their own punishments when it comes to DUI charges and license revocation. For example a first time DUI charge in Alabama can land you with a 90 day license suspension, where as in Colorado you can have your driving privileges revoked for a full 9 months for a first time offense.

Severity of the DUI. You may be more likely to have to your license suspended or revoked if you have a higher BAC. Different jurisdictions have different “cut-off” points for what your BAC is and what your punishments for that given level. For example. If your BAC is a .09 you might have your license suspended for 30 days where as someone who tests for a .21 BAC might have their license suspended for 6 months.

Driving history. You will have much different penalties for multiple DUIs compared to a first time offense, and that applies to your license as well. First time DUIs can have your license suspended anywhere between 30 days and a year while multiple offenses could have your driving privileges taken away for years at a time.

There will always be different factors at play when it comes to a DUI charge and your license. Where you receive the charge, the severity of the charge, and number of offenses all play their role in determining your license along with several other factors. The best way to not lose your license is by never drinking and driving.