Ya did something stupid. Maybe, it was when you were young. Or perhaps, you had a night out on the town, drank a tidbit too much, was pulled over, and given a DUI. Now, you can’t find a job, or your professional reputation is at risk. Any time you do business, the people you speak with, or anytime you interview for a job, people Google you. And there it is… that nasty mugshot that won’t seem to go away. Can you remove it?

There are a handful of services who offer mugshot removal. Most of them, own the mugshot websites. Essentially, it’s legal extortion. According to Denver SEO and Crisis Reputation Management Expert, Sean Hakes – you’ve got a few options available to get rid of those unwanted pics floating around online:

  • Pay the extortionist to remove them (fees range around $1,000)
  • Pay a reputation management company like SeanHakes.com to suppress them (fees range from $6,000+/year)
  • Take legal action

Regardless of which option you go with, be prepared to spend at least $1,000.


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