Did you know that Junk Removal is one of the fastest growing industries in America? Yep, and it’s because most Americans whether they like it or not, are in some way, shape or form; hoarders. According to the American Association for Junk Removal & Recycling Professionals, the Junk Removal and Recycling industry has grown at over 13,000% in the last decade.

“The American economy is booming. Because of that, more and more Americans are buying more stuff, moving  around to states like Colorado who legalized the use of marijuana, and are keeping their belongings which later become a big heaping pile of junk stored in the garages and basements,” said Karen McClane, President & CEO for the AAJRRP.

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is one of those bustling new Junk Removal franchises that is storming America by storm. According to the linked article on Forbes, Franchisees who have their own supplies and suitable truck & trailer can get started for around $50,000. But, there’s a cheaper way to do it!

Sean Hakes, an internet marketing expert and serial entrepreneur has been helping individuals get their businesses kicked off for much less than $50,000.

The idea started with Hakes in his Castle Rock home. He purchased 5280JunkRemoval.com for $9.00, slapped up a professional looking website, and started hammering away on SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Experts like Hakes ‘optimize’ websites to rank well in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Typically, a small business can expect to pay $1,000 to $1,500/mo for the service and will likely not see results for up to a year. Hakes changed the game. He creates shell brands, builds the websites, gets them ranked in major search engines like Google, and then sells the website, branding and traffic for a fraction of the price that a startup Franchise cost, plus – business is ready to go – day 1.

Several weeks ago, I visited my neighbor Theresa’s home. She opened her garage and it was stuffed full of junk. Her husband Mike was standing there and said was considering a garage sale when Theresa chipped in her two cents that over the past 5 garage sales, they still have a ton of junk and have net’d only a few hundred dollars for 10-15 hours worth of work. That’s when they decided to call in the local experts to help sort out the items worth keeping, and the things that needed to go.

I followed up several weeks later. Theresa said the entire junk removal process cost under $400. It might sound like a lot, but when it comes to your time, and your stress – it’s not worth it.

“Junk Removal is a HUGE business. And, anyone with a little bit of work ethic could easily start a high-paying junk removal business,” concluded Karen McClane of AAJRRP.


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