Are you ready to get your ha-ha on in the Mile High City? After you’ve stopped at one of the hundreds of cannabis dispensaries in Denver, you might find yourself itching for a great comedy show. So, where do you and your newly stoned friends go for a few hours of laughter and jolly good times?

We’re here to help by giving you the down low with this list of the three best comedy venues in Denver, Colorado.

#1: Comedy Works South

Located in the Greenwood Village suburb of Denver, Comedy Works South is a true-to-form comedy club that features smaller acts as well as some touring comedians. This venue does have a 2-drink minimum, and pricing is a little on the higher side when compared with the other clubs on this list.

You might like Comedy Works South if you’re located on the southern side of town and want a casual, fun place to have a few laughs. Some nights are 18+ restricted, so be sure to check beforehand so you’re able to attend the show you want to see.

#2: Denver Improv Comedy Theater and Restaurant

The Denver Improv Comedy Theater and Restaurant is a one-two combo of great laughs and great eats. The venue features a ‘pub and grub’ style food menu, and the laughs come thanks to a multitude of local comedians with the occasional bigger name tossed in for variety.

You might like The Denver Improv Comedy Theater and Restaurant if you’re looking for shows including names like Cedric the Entertainer and Chris Porter. Also, it’s on the east side of town, so plan ahead to avoid the city traffic.

#3: The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse and Bar

This spacious comedy lounge offers guests a full bar alongside some of the funniest comedy acts to be found in Denver. Located right off 22nd street in the downtown area, The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse and Bar is the local’s choice for stand-up acts, karaoke, and even comedy classes for those who want to learn how to make their friends laugh!

Colorado’s capital city has no shortage of great comedians and comedy acts available to those looking for some great laughs. Why not hit up all three of these venues, and then report back to us with your own opinion on which is best? Tell us which one busted your gut the most. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!